Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore

Throwback to 2012 when I was in such great envy of the Hello Kitty Cafe in Japan
but because I didn't get to go, so I DIY-ed my own Hello Kitty Cafe inspired food lol!
You can read the post here:

Fast forward to 2016, Singapore FINALLY has its own Hello Kitty Cafe!!!!! :D :D
Thank you Sixth Sense PR & Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore for the invite to the media preview before they officially open to public tomorrow!

What's unique is that the Hello Kitty Cafe is located at our very own Changi Airport Terminal 3,
and it's OPEN 24 HOURS!!!!
They serve all day brunch as well, so it's great if you're looking for a new fancy supper place!

Hello Kitty merch which can only be purchased starting tomorrow at 11:30AM! T~T
Really wanted to buy one of those adorable plushies omg~~~
I forsee a crazy queue coming!

What makes the Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore stand out from other Hello Kitty cafes from all over the world is in its design!
Notice that the place looks more elegant and fancy, and not your usual overload of pink cuteness?
It's because they aim to cater to not only Hello Kitty lovers, but also guests from all over the world, regardless of age and gender!

Of course, you can still expect the level of detailing to be on par with its overseas counterparts, with little accents of cuteness oozing here and there!

It's a pity their kitchen wasn't ready during the media preview to serve full sized dishes, but I took a look at the menu and it seems pretty promising!
Big breakfast, nachos, laksa-related dishes and more local-fusion cafe style food!
Sounds so tempting already!!
Plus I'm pretty sure the food will turn out awesome, because after all it's located at Singapore's iconic Changi Airport, so it definitely has to be of a certain standard.
Can't wait to go back soon to try it :P

We were also told that the cafe will be changing menus regularly to provide customers with fresh new options each visit!
Follow them on IG at @hellokittycafesingapore now to follow their updates!

Some samples of the food plating!
Atas (high class) right? :D

I also got to try their Apple Pie Tea which I thought tasted really interesting!
Mildy sweet, and not too overpowering!

They also shared with us some facts about the Hello Kitty Cafe's decor.. for example real life orchid flowers all around the cafe because it's our national flower (yet again adding the whole Singaporean flavour!), or the pages of Kitty's diary pasted all around the cafe, telling us how she received a few orchid flower seeds and slowly it grew into an orchid garden,
or the whole garden city concept of the cafe (plus in a shape of a glass house) that's relevant to Singapore etc.
So meticulous!!

Posting posting posting cause everyone's really excited haha!!

And without a doubt, the place is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
So super perfect for shoots, for chilling and having a great meal before/ after your flight.

Dug into some of the canap├ęs served at the event!
Simply couldn't get enough of them!!!
I think I could probably finish an entire tray if they gave it to me LOL!
But it's okay, I shall wait for my next visit when I get to try their full sized dishes!!

And their Salted Caramel Froyo is sooooo yummy I finished the entire thing although I was freezing to death there hahah!

Met Melissa at the event!!
Mel told James to lend me his ice cream so we could pose together hahah!
Did you know that Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore is the ONLY Hello Kitty Cafe with her own range of Gelato & Soft Serve Froyo?

It's 3AM now, and I think I'm gonna try my best to wake up early later so I can get my hands on one of that Hello Kitty plushies hahah!

Ending off my post with my big face!
Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^

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