Sunday, May 22, 2016

McD's Super Red Burger

Bought the McDonald's Super Red Burger on the day of its launch and I'd expected it to be one of those gimmicky but don't taste that nice sort of burger.
But I was wrong!
It tasted as nice as McSpicy (if you don't like mcspicy you'll probably not like this either), but it has a more smoky flavour to it.
And if you don't already know, McSpicy's my favourite! :D :D

And omg the burger IS as bright red as you see in the pictures.
Quite shocking, but that hasn't stopped anyone from eating it I think :P

Also ordered the angry bird nugget box, but of course the limelight was still the super red burger!

Decided to take a few pictures with the new brightly coloured burger since I got my haired dyed to an equally startling colour as well LOL!

Things were actually going pretty okay, until I held the burger in my hand like this and tried to balance it.........

And *splat*!!!!!
My burger fell apart and onto the floor :S :S :S

I couldn't stop laughing though hahaha
Should've listened to mum when she said not to play with my food, lol!
But either way, I believed my house floor is clean enough, picked up the burger and ate it anyway :X
AND IT WAS YUMMY!!!!! Hahahah!

And it was only after I finished my burger did I realise that the side of the burger box actually has dotted lines with little arms for you to push it outwards to create a real angry bird effect.

And when I ate the burger the next day again (so fast got cravings already...), I couldn't help but play with the box hahah!
Too cute! xD

Alright, I'm off to bed now!
Going for the #SIMS9 flea tomorrow again!
Qiuqiu is gonna be selling her clothes too, woohoo!!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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