Saturday, May 28, 2016

PHANTACi Singapore

PHANTACi Singapore had a soft launch yesterday and Lee Teng very kindly invited me
but I was down at home with a mild case of food poisoning so I didn't get to go~
Feeling a whole lot better today, I decided to check out the newly opened space at Orchard Gateway!! :)

PHANTACi Singapore
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
#02-05/06, Singapore 238858

These hot pink neon lights are soooo pretty!!! ♥_♥
Throughout the time I was there, I saw quite a number of customers buying stuff already!
Hello to all the Jay Chou fans~~

Founded in 2006 by Mandopop superstar Jay Chou and his team, PHANTACi is a combination of the words Phantom - meaning something obscure and mysterious - and Fantasy.
Providing customers with edgy fashion choices and lifestyle inspirations, PHANTACi encourages all to pursue their own personal style.
Acting not just a channel for merchandises but cultures, PHANTACi mixes the very essence of street culture and fashion with sports aesthetics.

They also have a rack which are Jay's personal collection of kicks which are NOT FOR SALE!!!
Can take pictures with them though :D

 Can't believe I'm touching Jay's shoes omg! :P

 Makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life when a guy's shoe collection is more fabulous than mine hahah!

There was also a pair which was gifted to Jay by Kobe!!!

The best part about being a girl is that even if a piece of clothing meant for males is too oversized for you, you can always wear it anyway hahah!

This I likeeeeeee :D :D

They also have really cute crop tops for girls!

And I saw their hotpink & black basketball on display (not for sale either), and asked if I could borrow it for a picture and the friendly staff said okay! ^~^
Trying to... you know, act all cool hahahaha

When in actual fact I'm just really happy when I got to hold the ball!

Candid #OOTD shot!

Go check out PHANTACi if you're around town cause it's one of those places you get all starstruck at and feel like buying everything cause it makes you feel so much closer to Jay Chou LOL!!
My sis is a huge fan of Jay & introduced us to his songs since 15 years ago, so I think she'll get really excited about this!

Congratulations to Lee Teng for the opening of PHANTACi Singapore, and thank you for bringing all these awesome brands in to SG!
Wishing you success! :D :D

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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