Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Raindrop Cake @ #SIMS

Just went through a whole lot of effort just to film this video... but the main point is the last few seconds of raindrop sound to fit the Raindrop Cake clip, which was why I chose this song (Rain by Taeyeon) hahaha!
I guess it's quite obvious how boliao I am LOLOL!

Anyway, the purpose of this video is because I'll be at #SIMS9 this weekend
21st & 22nd May 2016
Space Invasion Mega Sale 9
TripleOne Somerset #01-10
selling the legendary Raindrop Cake everyone's been waiting for, plus the highly loved Salted Egg Yolk German Donuts & Nutella German Donuts (from our previous flea) by Boufe Boutique Cafe!
Do come earlier, as we have extremely limited stocks only!

But what you can definitely expect is a texture like never before.
Forget jellos, forever agar agars. The texture of this raindrop cake here is da bomb!!!
With every spoonful, it just melts into water and glides down your throat, you won't even have to use your tongue to press on it!
So far, I only know of this Japanese restaurant selling the Raindrop Cake in Singapore, and it's a fine dining restaurant which has a set meal of $180 per pax...and the dessert is part of that set and you can't order it ala carte.

So I guess this weekend would be your best chance to try one of these highly raved raindrop cakes that's driving the internet crazy!!
Only at $5 each!

See you guys this weekend!

Anyway, here are just some stills from the video to fill up this post hahah

Special thanks to my little fighting fish, Huat Zai, for being so cooperative in the video xD

Last but definitely not the least, the original Rain music video for you to enjoy!! ^~^
(not the chiong version like my above one hahah)
Thank you for reading!

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