Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sephora: 3CE Review

I'm just going to do a quick review on some of the 3CE products I received from Sephora recently! :)
Thank you Sephora SEA for sending them over!

3CE is actually one of the most trendsetting beauty brands out of South Korea, and a ton of girls LOVE 3CE products because the tints & shades of their products actually DO help you achieve the Korean make up look, and I do own quite a number of their make up and brushes as well.

Out of the box of 3CE products I received, the Creamy Cheek Stick stood out the most to me!
Particularly because it was so easy to blend, fun to apply, and gives a natural looking dewy radiance to your cheeks!
Been using it daily for a week now and I really love the formula & the cool packaging!
I always draw a heart on each side of my cheek (just for fun), and then use my fingers to blend them out, and this is particularly awesome when I'm applying make up on the car cause I'm rushing for time :P

Did I also mention, these come in five really sweet shades! :D

The Super Slim Pen Eyeliner (Brown) I received is also super crucial in achieving the soft no-make up make up look which Korean girls love to rock!
I used it in my Taeyeon - Rain inspired look in my previous blog post, and found that pink eyeshadow plus brown eyeliner = da frigging bomb!!! The colours together look sooo cute, kind of reminds me of Strawberry Chocolate?! LOL
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American make up is usually more bold, sporting dramatically blacker than black eyeliners,
whereas Korean make up is more about enhancing your features subtly instead of changing them drastically.
It's nice to own a good eyeliner of each colour, and I think the 3CE Super Slim Pen Eyeliner has a shorter brush tip than most of my other pen eyeliners, which actually gives me better control because the brush doesn't shift around from the pressure point, and I'm always able to get my eyeliners on fleek while using it.
Highly recommended!

I also received the Glossing Waterful Foundation & 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream.
I personally prefer the Glossing Waterful Foundation because it gives a nice coverage and the packaging is also really cool! xD
No wonder it's 3CE's best seller!

You can easily drip the foundation onto your make up brush for a more perfect airbrush-effect finish!

The coverage for the 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream is slightly more sheer than the Glossing Waterful Foundation, but I feel like the Glossing Waterful Foundation is more suitable for a full-glam sort of make up, and the 3CE Back To Baby BB Cream is more for daily make up, nothing too dolled up, but with skin still looking healthy and radiant.

If you're loving the 3CE products like I am, you can shop Sephora's 3CE products online here:

Some outfit of the day shots!
Been quite busy recently planning and preparing for the upcoming flea!
Please refer to my previous blogpost for more details, and I'll see you guys this weekend! ^~^

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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