Friday, June 10, 2016

987FM fish & co voucher

Went over to Fish & Co. at Bugis+ today for dinner because I won a $50 voucher from 987FM's Who What Where game!!!! :D
Won it just by calling in, although my answers were wrong, oops!
If you guys are free, you should really try camping by your radio all day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, toilet break), and tune into 987 because they always have very fun and exciting games lol!
Let's be honest.... there was once I set alarm clock in the morning just to catch clues for the answer on the first show of the day okay HAHAHA!
It's that addictive!!

Anyway, thanks to 987 for the intro cause I think I just found myself my second favourite fish & co branch after the glass house! :D
The place is just beautiful!
I was like, okay I HAVE TO take some photos here!!!
Plus I was there at an off-peak timing so it wasn't crowded yet.
Super awesome for photo taking ^~^

 Placed an order for our food and snap snap snap while waiting! :)

Saw this sign on the steps, adorable!
And I know that the Ang Mo Kio hub branch of fish & co doesn't accept NETS because.....
They are my kind of punny!

There are private areas, low tables, looooong tables for big groups, benches, and lots of different seatings there
and I think it creates a really interesting vibe to the place! :) 

Service was fabulous as usual.
The service crew would automatically come over to ask if you'd like any warm/iced water even without you asking.
I remember once at the glass house branch I was so impressed with their staff I wanted to poach him over to Boufe (when I was still working there) LOL!
Good service really makes customers return to a place man :)

And my food is here! :D
I ordered one of their fish sets with Ebiko and cheese in it because just the thought of these ingredients put together got me salivating already!
And fish & co's rice is one of my favourites ever because it has sweet raisins in it!

1L Chocolate Milkshake because regular drinks just aren't hardcore enough lol!
Highly recommend sharing the drink cause it's really quite massive.

Let's eat!

Just look at the Ebiko!!! :P

Total cost of the meal today, $5.50, thanks to 987FM's voucher heheh!
Perks of camping by the radio hahah!
And I'm super glad it's Fish & Co vouchers I won because even without the vouchers, I'm quite a regular there!
So you can imagine how excited I was when I won it hehe!
Thanks to 987FM's THE BRO(TACK) CODE!!!! ^~^

My make up look for the day!

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Thank you for reading, love you all!

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