Monday, June 6, 2016

Arcade Day


The other day when #LAPSUPSWAG finally reunited, Jayley brought us to an arcade at Suntec which I spent $30 at cause it's so fun!!!
Side note: can't believe we forgot to take a photo together that day lol!
Anyway, I went back to Suntec City today to play the arcade again cause I kept thinking about how fun it was :S
Suntec is huge and it's so easy to get lost in there.
I had to ask the concierge for directions cause I was lost hahah!

Chanced upon this pretty link bridge on my way to the arcade so I don't exactly know how to tell you guys where this is..

Previously when the 4 of us met up, we went to TimeZone at Plaza Sing and they had this awesome promo like $20 for 1 hour of unlimited play on selected machines???
Damn worth it!
The 4 of us paid $5 each and had a ton of fun killing zombies and throwing balls at clowns LOL!

This arcade at Suntec is all about hitting the jackpot and winning tickets!!!
I guess it's perfect for people who are stuck at that age where you're too old for the street fighter kind of arcade kind of arcade games, and might go to the casino for entertainment soon but not yet, so you want an arcade that feels like a casino hahahah!
Does this even make sense at all??

This time we spent $100 in total :X
The games are sooooo addictive!
And it's so frustrating when you're so close to hitting the jackpot and you miss, and you keep wanting to change more $$ for tokens!
The jackpots from various machines range from 300 tickets all the way to 4,000 tickets!!!

Don't worry if you don't get to be a car model, girls... just grow older and take photos with arcade car games and pose like it's the real deal #closeenough LOLOL

Favourite machine at the arcade cause the lights :D :D :D :D :D
I really really love seeing a lot of lights!!

p.s. NO machines were harmed in the taking of these photos.
I made sure not to put my full weight on the machines okay~~~

And for those who're wondering which arcade this is,
it's called:
Cow Play Cow Moo
Suntec City
Unit No: East Wing, #02-719/720
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983

The name sounds like kpkb (a hokkien bad word) lol!

Walked home with this Gudetama big U shape pillow and this One-Piece anime socks haha!
$100 well spent because our entire day was spent at the arcade and it's damn fun!!!
You can always keep the receipt that states the number of tickets you won, accumulate it with your next visit and collect a bigger prize (eg. GoPro, Instax Camera, Samsung Tablets etc), but I chose to claim my prize on the spot.

I really enjoyed myself, so I hope you guys have lots of fun there too! :D

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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