Wednesday, June 8, 2016


New episode of Food My Life is up, and this time, it's a DIY tutorial on the easiest & most guaranteed to work way to get these Pinterest inspired insta-worthy fruit popsicles!

You guys HAVE TO try this out! I'm very sure you'll love the results! :D
I got my Ice Popsicle moulds from DAISO.

If you do like the tutorial, do remember to subscribe to GoodFeelim on YouTube as there will be way more food-related episodes coming up, plus so much more upcoming video content (beauty, travel etc!) with other hosts as well! ^~^

Stay home day today, doing some R&D for GoodFeelim's upcoming tutorial episodes :D :D
My second try making Cosmic Wolves Lollipops!
Still looking kinda rough and messy, hopefully I'll be able to make it really prettily and perfectly for filming! :D

Anyway, I posted this video of my Middle Finger Umbrella the other day on IG, and a number of people said they wanted it as well,
so I thought to share the URL of which eBay seller I bought it from since I can't paste it on IG.
I got it at $20.40 SGD with shipping and all, and it arrived quite quickly! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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