Thursday, June 16, 2016

DIY: Rainbow Highlighter

It all started with a Jeffree Star video spree, chancing upon this rainbow highlighter review he did~

And that just linked me to 28438430 other Rainbow Highlighter DIY videos, and after watching so many, I decided that I just HAD TO make one myself~ hahah!

So here it is! :D
I bought ALL of my eyeshadow, highlighter etc from DAISO, so just in case I screw up at least it's not super expensive.
The rubbing alcohol I got for $4+ from guardian, and I asked the pharmacist if it was safe to apply on face/ used with make up.

Hope you guys try this DIY out as well cause it's super fun!

Will try it out on my face once both Rainbow Highlighters set completely and hopefully show you guys in a vlog! :)

I also did a short vlog yesterday cause I just got myself a new blender! xD

Thank you for reading, love you all! ^~^

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