Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2016

Went to the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar last year and loved it so much, I couldn't miss out on it this year either!! :D
Nearest MRT Station Paya Lebar MRT Station & Eunos MRT Station.
I'd recommend taking a cab to save yourself time from walking or getting lost and ruining your mood if you haven't been there before! :)

Either it was our first stop and thus we were starving, or this store's kebabs were TO DIE FOR!
Sooooooooo yummy and flavourful!
I love kebabs man!
Times like this, I'm really thankful for being a Singaporean!!!
Cause no matter which race's celebration it is, everyone of every race can get to enjoy the festive vibes and so much yummy food across all cuisines! ^~^
It's the best, really!!! :D

The night market scene have been stepping up in recent years with the introduction of gimmicky/ cafe standard food at reasonable prices.
And you start to see crazy queues here and there, it's actually really heartening! ^~^
I hope even when I'm old and have no teeth there will still be night markets around for us to visit and enjoy haha!
Although it's probably about 20 mins drive away from home, it always feels like a special trip when you make plans to visit a night market together! :)
And the Ramadan Bazaars are always the most hardcore and epic ones, I love it!!!

Been seeing these all over IG from overseas account, and I finally get to grab one for myself in SG??
Yes, please!!!

So much delicious looking & yummy sounding food but such limited tummy space, sigh!!!!

Saw a store selling this cotton candy soda drink but the queue was insane!
Just at that time, a lady just got her drink and kindly offered to let us take a photo of her drink!
So sweet one!!! ^~^
Thank you, kind soul!! xD
So nice to bask in the festive mood and meet people who are nice and friendly you know~~

If you're done with stuffing your faces with food, THERE IS ALSO SHOPPING TO DO!
Some of the stalls have quite insane prices that make you want to buy everything!

Saw this really cool pop up barber as well!
Definitely unique and eye catching!

Well who could forget these old school toys~~~
Let's just take a moment to reminisce all the fun we had just playing with simple plastic pieces and all the sound effects and movements are made by our mouth and hands hahah.

There was also this section which has all the bazaar games if you kind of want to lose some of the calories you just swallowed!

I was pretty good at this darts and balloon thing hahah.
Maybe cause it's quite easy :X
But I got 6 balloons with 7 darts.. but if you hit all 7 you get a bigger prize!
$4 for 7 darts, can try once or twice if you're up for the challenge ba haha!

After two tries, this is what we walked away with ;)

Found a fellow green friend.
We're in our zoneeeeeee ^~^

So attracted to the sparkly lights everywhere! *~*

Definitely recommend you guys to check out the place!

But here are a few tips I have for you before you make plans to head down:
1. Go earlier if possible (around 5PM) to beat the queue.
2. Wear comfy slacks. The entire space is sheltered and so the air can get a little stuffy. But trust me, it's worth the trip! Feels a bit like going to Bangkok night market, so happening one! ^~^
3. Bring sufficient cash with you because it's gonna be a total bummer if you run out of $ and gotta walk all the way to a shopping center to draw $.
4. Clear your bowels and bladder first!!! You want to fully enjoy the experience without running to a toilet in the middle of it haha!
5. If you're driving there, prepare about 2 hours worth of parking coupons (for the nearest carpark). I think it'll be sufficient!
6. Bring some tissue paper and wet wipes! If you're going to hold onto chicken wings, handle cash to pay for your stuff, grab a rainbow bagel drizzled with honey, hold on to the watermelon volcano, use your camera... you definitely need wet wipes.

I also made an instavideo of our trip to Geylang Serai! :D

Speaking of food, we have a new episode up on GoodFeelim where I challenged Ahbong to the Boat Noodle Challenge at Bedok Point's Thai Boat Noodle! Hahaha!

I hope you like to look at people stuff their faces with food xD

Thank you for reading, love you all!
And Selamat Hari Raya! ^~^

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