Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Love takes effort

So much has happened, so many things changed.. but I really am too exhausted to even explain anything to anyone anymore.
I just want to be happy and work hard on the things I like to do,
and I want to be around people who are appreciative and encouraging.

Due to personal reasons, I'm also no longer working at Boufe Boutique Cafe.
Just sharing some photos from the in-house ROM floral package we did ourselves on the last event I handled at Boufe before I officially resigned.
The floral package is only $550 nett inclusive of delivery, so if you're keen you can email and the new Events Manager should get back to you shortly :)
Package doesn't come with the balloons though!

Pretty pleased with the outcome, and I hope the couple was too! :)

Over the past few months of handling events at Boufe, I've met some of the nicest clients, and some of the most demanding...
I've been scolded by clients the moment they sat me down, requesting for things as if we were a 5 star hotel and have hundreds of staff under us to handle the logistics (by right we only provide venue & food..),
and I've also met the sweetest of clients whom I genuinely care for and have followed them on Instagram, and one of the couple is expecting a child soon and I'm really excited for them!

It's been such a humbling experience, and now I constantly remind myself not to be mean to any service staff or PR people I meet because I know what it feels like to encounter a sh*tty customer.
It's like you're just doing your job and you're trying your best, but a negative remark from an asswipe can really ruin your day..

Today's been a hell of an emotional roller coaster ride.
So many "what if"s running through my mind, but no amount of brooding can turn back time.
I learnt a difficult lesson too late, and am still paying the price.

All I want to say is, if you love and care for somebody, make a ton of effort to be with them, to keep yourself in love with them, and to keep them in love with you.
Because without control and without your knowledge, just as love comes mysteriously, it can leave in the same fashion.
They say that a ripped body is not owned, it's loaned, and you have to pay back the debt every day (gymming, diet etc) to maintain it.
I guess it's the same with love.
People take it for granted. Especially when two people have been together for so long, we assumed that love must exist, forgot how much effort we used to put in, and it will continue to stay without us working hard for it.

When it slips away and by the time you realise it, it's regretful, it really is.

Wishing the best to everyone reading this.
I hope you find your happiness..

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