Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vlog: 28 June 2016

Hello ^~^

Tried to catch the sunrise the other morning & headed over to Lower Seletar Reservoir at 6:40AM that day but it was too cloudy so we didn't get to catch a dramatic sunrise.
Still, we spent a few hours just staring into the trees and water and it was just super relaxing ^~^
I enjoyed myself and so I recorded a short video of the surroundings to show you guys!
But I just saw a ton of people dislike this video and I'm like ".....??"
2 minutes video to help you relax (hopefully), my face nor voice isn't even there to annoy you, it's just a video of a timelapse of the sunrise (sort of) and still people gotta be negative about it D;

But I guess if you prefer to be annoyed by my face, double chin, voice and slurping of noodles~~~
Here's a vlog from today hahah!

For the kimchi soup, I basically just dumped whatever ingredients I could find from home + some tofu I bought until it tasted awesome hahah!

Luncheon Meat/ Spam
Hot dogs
Some Sugar
Fish Sauce
Pork (cubed up)
TONS of home-made Kimchi
Instant Noodles (boiled separately)

Thank you for watching, love you all~

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