Tuesday, July 5, 2016

9th July, it's a date!

Hi everyone!! :D
Haven't been able to blog or vlog much cause I've been busy preparing for this Saturday (9th July!)
FoodMyLife will be at Space Invasion on:
9th July 2016 (Saturday)
Orchard Gateway
#03-01 (Beside the Tube to Crate & Barrel)
1PM - 5PM (or until sold out)
 to sell these beautiful Rainbow Pasta Set (plus a Salted Caramel Brownie + a Drink)!
Thank you Qiuqiu for the idea of making the Rainbow Pasta!! :D
And ALL the proceeds will go to TWO charity organizations! ^~^
Gonna be baking and cooking a lot to perfect the items over the next few days so that you guys get to taste the best we can offer :D
I really hope you guys can make some time to support us for a good cause!

Additionally, there is NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING involved in this pasta.
ALL NATURAL colouring from vegetables, and most importantly, this tastes good!!!! :P
I'd know cause I had this for my meals a ton of times by now just testing it out over and over again lol

Remember to shake well before eating! :D

Super healthy with all the veg plus chicken breast meat, and seasoned by Roasted Sesame Sauce which binds all the ingredients together perfectly! ^~^
MmmMmm! :P

First time making these Sea Salt Caramel Fudge Brownies, ever!
Hope you guys will love this super indulgent treat as well! :D
Ooey, gooey & really chewy! ^~^

Plus, I think it's such an insta-worthy item, I want to take a ton of pictures of it before I eat it hahah!

Side note, I took these pictures of the Rainbow Pasta Set at around 2AM cause I was out all day buying packaging and ingredients and was waiting for my brownie to bake!
But the lighting was still AWESOME thanks to the Mini Ring Light from https://www.instagram.com/beautydiarysg/
It's not only GREAT for selfies at night, it serves as a really convenient ring light/ studio lighting for Food Photography as well!
F&B owners, food bloggers, food enthusiasts, bakers, chefs etc, this is DEFINITELY something you'll want to invest in without burning a hole in your pocket! ^~^
It's only at $19.90 & they ship out of Singapore as well :)
To order the Mini Ring Light, please email askbeautydiary@gmail.com :D

Clips on securely to your SmartPhones (for selfies), or different stands and surfaces if you're taking shots of food like I was! :D
Really thankful for the Mini Ring Light cause I'll no longer be worried about testing out my bakes in the wee hours of the night & not being able to capture a decent photo of it! ^~^
The colours of the pictures above turned out amazing and I'm so thankful and happy I don't have to wait till tomorrow!!! T~T

Hope to see you guys this Saturday, for a good cause!!
And besides, who doesn't love ALL-NATURAL Rainbows, yummy food & fudgey Salted Caramel Brownies? :D :D

FoodmyLife @ Space Invasion
9th July 2016 (Saturday)
Orchard Gateway
#03-01 (Beside the Tube to Crate & Barrel)
1PM - 5PM (or until sold out) 

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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